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You're welcome. And it's obvious you've got the "bug". Stick with it. We'll all get there together.

PS Check out this link
biggamecook did a great job with this.
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icon_redface.gif I never even thought about double checking the loss. the 320lbs was estimated by the farmer he probably weighed more PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif. I checked the weight on my beef both years (same butcher) and they were spot on, so I stopped weighing - kinda tedious on a bathroom scale.
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It gets a WHOLE LOT better. Hang in there and keep practicing. You'll do fine and that day you get it just right, that'll be it. Hooked forevah!
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I am scared when (if) I DO get it right, I will quit since it will no-loger be a challenge....

Did anyone just catch Throwdown with Bobby Flay pulled pork challenge?
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Pi-when you cook 10-12 pound briskets perfectly that will scare the heck out of yeah-if you dont already.I give the bone -in -one's a little jiggle and if it will pull right out-thats the best thermometer.Good luck and i did see the b.flay episode against the gal from virginia who we met at a comp-i believe her name was cindy-nice people-good cook.
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Something is amiss here, how could you have possibly gotten a whole butt to 200 degrees in 90 min? That's virtually impossible. That is definitiely the problem if true but I don't think it is. Mine take 10 - 12 hrs to get even close to 190.

Also, what was your rub? I recommend the layer of mustard to hold the bark on.
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boston - earlier in that post, he said that he brought it to 160 before putting it in the oven at 250, so it would be 90 minutes to go from 160 to 200.
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I never change the temp that I am cooking at when I foil. If you do it will rush the temp up to 200. Remember that when your in between 150-200 the connective tissue in the meat is breaking down. This is what makes it tender. Dont rush it.

So for next time what I would do if I was you is to wrap the pork in plastic wrap in your rub over night or the morning before your over night smoke. You could inject it if you want. Then I would smoke it until you get the internal where you want it then in the foil with some of your mop. Keep the same temp in the smoker the whole time.

Also it could of been a bad piece of meat.

Good luck with the next run. I look fwd to the results.
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I wonder if the injection is the problem? icon_rolleyes.gif
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