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Slow Grilled Salmon

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Had a hanker'n for some salmon. Saw a nice side yesterday at Costco, so I picked it up... Sort of gave it a quick cure using a modified Car Dogs recipe and put it on the grill indirect. Ended up cooking it a bit faster than I wanted and not all of the rub melted the way I wanted, but it still ate good! Had the fish with roasted new taters-n-onions, a itty bitty bit or corn on the cob and some salad.

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Looks good. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow, that's an excellent meal there! Now I'm hungry and it's 6AM!
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Looking good, haven't done that in a while.
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Wow, that looks good...nice job!!
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Looks great what kind of rub did you use?
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Thanks. That was a variation of the Cardogs Salmon recipe. I've tried to post it in this thread, but the formatting gets messed up... You can google it... it's easy to find.
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looks great JamesB. Nice
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Berry, berry nice! Looks great!!!!
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Fine looking meal ya have there. Real nice.
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Good looking Salmon there.....Yup....its 6:00 am here and I wish I had that for breakfast....instead of my piece of toast.
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yup looks really good.gona try my hand at that too i guess.Doesnt take long does it?
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Thats a favorite for sure. GREAT job!
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Doesn't take long at all. Just depends on how ya cook it (grilled, smoked etc) and at what temp. This one I cooked using offset charcoal on the grill. Took about 20 mins. Just don't over cook.
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