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Need a cover...

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...for my horizontal offset firebox smoker. I need one for the box on the left side...any good place to look for one?

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not sure why you would have to turn it inside out instead of just turning it around, the brinkman smoke n pit has a left hand firebox

$32.99 at my local supply store (they will ship if you can't find it local)


they have the ones that fit the ok joes/horizons and some brinkmans
16" at $60 and 20" at $100, much nicer covers than the cheapy brinkman one. All the Joe's and horizons I have seen are right hand firebox but I would think turning it around would work just the same on a left hand

here is a link for the brinkman cover, don't look like it has a stack tube, just drapes across the top

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this site will let you customize one. http://www.grillwraps.com/
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