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Great looking plants Cajun!
Alex, thanks for the idea on the concrete wire cages, I think I might have some of that on hand. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks Cowgirl and Richoso. This was a learning lesson on the maters. Cages have to be bigger. I like the ideas posted for homemade cages.
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Man those maters are looking good.I grow 6 big boys for blt's and sandwiches etc.Thanks for update.
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I think we're gonna need a mater growing throwdown.

I just put mine in the garden last weekend (East Tennessee). I planted a single Big Boy plant (I never had much luck with the big maters) and 3 Roma plants.
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Sounds good.I will have ripe in august.I am growing 50 roma type for canning but should have a couple big tomatoes from Big Boys.The end of next week or following week i am planting here in maryland.
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I'm all about a tomato throwdown, just counted and have 151 tomato plants growing.
Do you have cages around all of them? Hard to tell as bushy as they are.
Was also wondering a few other things. I noticed you built up mounds of dirt around all your plants, was that simply to hold in water or was there another reason, and did you mulch?
Also your ground looks to be completely free of weeds, do you spend a lot of time pulling them or did you do something specific? Trying to make this years garden as easy as I can. Planting hundreds of flowers everywhere for beneficial reasons.
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I'm in with the throwdown. I build up dirt around them. Water each plant separate each day. Holds the water better. Just experimenting. Seems to be working. I'm no expert. Also, about the ground and no weeds, i till the ground once a week. Build up the fresh soil around the plants. did have cages, but they disappeared. Rookie mistake. Plants grew so much, it lifted them out of the ground
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Growing like crazy...some are starting to change color

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My largest one is not quite 2 feet tall. My pepper plants are all less than a foot high.
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Looking good.I have been out of the loop for week or so but here are few pics i could squeeze off today on my progress.

9 Big Boys for BLT'S etc. and Throwdown left row.My standard 50 canners and some yellow and orange for salsas=76 total(year after year seems 76)

I do have a small Cherry tomato forming

My season is obviously just underway,but looking forward to the Mater throwdown-we may need a smoked meat entry to go with the deal.
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A "mater throwdown" .... I like the sounds of that .... PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif !!! I've just got mine in the mock earthbox that Piney helped me build, along with some peppers (japs, green, orange, and sweet banana). Got a couple more boxes that I can fill with cucumbers.

All of the pics so far look great! Nothing better than home grown veggies, especially knowing that only your little grubby hands touched them PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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you should put down some mulch or hay also. Will keep you from having to water so much when the rains stop and from having to weed too.
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Excellent point.I myself will be mulching my garden with 2-3 inches of shredded leaves that i blew off garrden last fall.I have 3 forty foot rows of beans to plant and then mulching garden begins for me...I only till twice-spring and fall- if i can.
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I'll keep using the tiller weekly. Keeps me busy all the time watering. Like to stay busy and spend time in the yard.
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I may just mulch around plants and till the area in between.I have 5 feet between rows and my volunteers(people) have disappeared this year.I have done it both ways and being on the water i have sandy soil any how.We never used to mulch or staked our field maters.Do you have any ripe down there yet?
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Just starting to see color change in my Juliettes. Finished up the last of my potted Winter Tomatoes last night.
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Wow, all those pics are great!

I have about 81 different varieties started and have to narrow them down to about 65, it's a really tough task! It was even hard getting to 81 from over 500 varieties, mostly heirlooms. They are mostly 5-6" tall right now, still need to get the garden ready before planting. I will throw the extras on craigslist for cheap to try to recoup some of my expenses for pots & promix.

If anybody wants to compare varieties let me know. I have taken pics for the last 10 years or so and may have a pic of what you may be growing to show what it should look like or if it came true to seed. I'm an amateur tomato breeder too. I also grow 40+ peppers, 4-5 onions, 15-25 different garlics, triplesweet corn, etc, etc.
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Keep us posted tender loins.I am not growing any heirloom tomatoes this year,mainly canning and few salsa tomatoes for color.Post some other veggies as well-i should have 200 bulbs of garlic in 3 weeks myself.You should have a nice variety to choose from for the mater throwdown.Good luck growing to everyone.
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I have had a few turn already...soon, more than I know what to do with...
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Thanks Alex. My dilemma is too many good ones to choose from! I am growing 55 at a friend's place and 60-70 here. I usually grow about a dozen paste varieties each year, as well as about that many different oxhearts. I find that the oxhearts are truly multi-purpose: they can be used as slicers, for salsa, or for sauce.

I grow a couple really huge paste types, one of my best is a large Roma type from a guy in MI called Uncle Steve's Italian Paste.

That's a 9" plate they are on for a size reference.

Anyways, for this year the whole list of tomatoes & peppers with descriptions & comments can be found here:


Some are my own crosses of heirlooms, a few are hybrids, but most are heirlooms.

I don't do much basic tomato canning, usually only salsa & some sauce. I have a Spremy machine and just go plant to plant picking ripe ones and feed them into the electric Spremy, you don't need to cook them first; the pulp/juice comes down the chute into a waiting 4 gallon bucket and the skins & seeds come out the end of the machine for the garbage. In a couple hours we made this, 8 gallons of heirloom tomato puree:

I usually do 50+ pints of Annie's Salsa. Of course, I hand chop the tomatoes for that!
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