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2009 Tomatoes

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With all this rain, my tomatoes have taken off like crazy. Here are some pics. Should have some maters in no time.

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Man, this time of year I miss living there in the South. Another two weeks here before I can even put mine in!

Real nice plants you have there, and congratulations PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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luv it

looking good---

mine will go in about may 1PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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MAN! We have another two weeks or so here also. We used to go by Mother's Day rule of thumb, but we've been pushing it up the last couple of years.

Good lookin maters!!
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Looking good my friend, be sure and update us once they bloom.
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Those plants look really good and green. If ya have a bunch, pick a few green ones and make some fried green tomatoes icon_mrgreen.gif
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We always get a bunch of different type tomatoes, this year burpee came out with a seedless tomato...can't wait to see how it tastes!
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Looks good Cajun.....can't wait ta get mine in da ground!
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free seeds

campbells soup co sent me some free tomatoe seeds--

1 broke thru the jiffy 7 peat pellets today---

i will keep all newborns under cfl's 10 days or so---

then to my buckets/////icon_eek.gif
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How'd you get Campbells to send ya free seeds?? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yeah Man...Them Mater's are on the roll!
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to RIVET and everyone

cool.gifgo to this addy

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Of course too much rain is not always a good thing for maters. More so when the have already bloomed though. I would also suggest some larger cages. We started using standard Field Fence formed into a cage for our maters. I drive a wood stake into the ground and tie them to cage to secure them so they won't fall over.
I still have a Winter source producing maters, but its on its last legs. Waiting for the Spring planting which are just starting to bloom.
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Good idea Flash on the cage. Need to try that. Probably went a little small on the cages. Had to stake them today. they are growing so much, the cage can't hold them in. Best tomatoes yet for me.
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Here is my current setup. The wind just wrecked havoc on those standard tomato cages.
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Thanks Flash. Good idea
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Wow, you guys have me so jealous.
My tomatoes want nothing more than to get in the ground but I have another week or so and one final tilling to do.
Can't wait though, Jersey tomato straight off the vine with a little salt...better than sex!
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I went to concrete re-inforcing wire.4 feet tall and make as round as you need.I would give you a few, but pretty far away.I have some well over twenty years old in perfect shape.I just cut bottom ring off and jam the 6 inch spikes in ground.
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My best maters yet. Growing like crazy. Maters on most of the plants. These were Better Boys.

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Thanks for sharing those nice pics. It must be nice to have room to spread things around. Looks like you'll have a good summer my friend.
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