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Brisket Chimichangas

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Had some leftover brisket. Decided to try something different. Wish I had bigger tortillas, but had to go with what I had. Tortillas, leftover brisket, mexican cheese blend, and refried beans. Rolled em up, threw em in some peanut oil. They were pretty good.

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Hey, nice! All you needed maybe is a couple jalapeno slices inside. Good idea on the leftovers ...
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Thanks Rivet. You are right. Jalapenos would have been a nice addition
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Very nice. Great idea for leftovers!

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Thanks Dude. Next time I will load them up with more stuff. They sure did taste good
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What a great idea for the brisket! I just had some melt-in-your-mouth brisket at the gathering and am looking for an excuse to smoke one. This recipe just provided that. points.gif
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Thanks Sumosmoke. Wish I could have made it down there for the gathering. Glad you guys had a good time.
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Those look great! Thanks for the idea.
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