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About flippin time, first smoke for 09: BB's con QVIEW

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Thats right, after record snowfall this year, below average temps since, 3 more inches of snow earlier this week, not to mention other issues we finally got smokin weather.

On deck today, a few slabs 'o baby backs, nuttin fancy. Qview to follow later
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First batch of RO. I had 6-7 bags from last year but they were damaged due to a waterbackup late last year. Cowboy Hickory is much better than its Lump.

I snagged a new grill wok for use as a charcoal basket. This one is deeper and a bit wider than the one I used last year.

Speaking of that, here is the old one. Gets a bit hot in there donchathink?

The main event:

Pullin the membrane:

All rubbed down. I find that a rubber glove helps to keep the rub on the meat and not clumped in yer hand.

Compared to what we've had weather-wise today should be a scorcher. Need to keep hydrated:

More to follow as I get underway, but basically doin the 2-2-1 method with a rum spritz.
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sawheat good start to 2009 q season sorry it to so long for the weather to get right for ya.
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Now that's lookin' good!
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Welcome back to the 2009 season!

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Looking good! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Make sure to post the final qview! smile.gif
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Been a long time coming. so here we are:

Sauce for tonight comes from a selection from the sauce of the month club:

Out of the foil and time for a glaze:

Thats about it, need to get a few things ready, everyones wanting to eat.

Thanks for watching.
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If that's not a fine way to start off 2009, I'm not sure what is. Those bb's look really good, did you foil them or were they smoked without foil?

Love the shot of your beer, it's my favorite kind and only get it when I visit my cousins in Oregon eek.gif
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And, I'm spent:

They were foiled. I lost track of time between side work, friends and family and they got more than 2 hrs in foil. Intended for 2-2-1, ended up with 2-2.5-.5 lol

Well if ya ever make it to my side of WA state there's plenty more of the Hefe' for ya Laurel!
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Man that looks GOOD.
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lookin good bud!!! its been a while, good to see you back in action!!!
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Great looking ribs, you are making me hungry !!!
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Great looking view. Thanks for sharing.
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Nice job. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif They look really good.
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Hey welcome back and thanks for sharing such great food. Great glass of beer too!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the thumbs up folks. Always appreciated. I had all but forgotten the effort involved in posting pics throughout the day, not to mention typing away while everyones chowin down. One of these days the wife is gonna hide the camera on smoke dayicon_mrgreen.gif

Lesson (re)learned, more than i set of tongs needed when removing from foil.

Great to be back, for sure. Now that spring has finally sprung, I still got a bit more work around the yard to keep me busy (still) but I promise another season of smoke.

Definitely one of the better Hefe's around here. Even better on tap.
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