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1st Brisket Q

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Well its around 2:30 AM & the briskets on .......



2 1/2 hours in 129 F
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Lookig nice....real nice. Ribs look tasty!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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almost 4 hours in & been @ plateau an hour or better now.... 129 & stickin. PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif waitin it out.
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Beautiful! Nice looking ribs and brisket!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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129* you ain't seen the plateau/stahl yet, not till 160* or more.
Stay with it, cuz it's looken good
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You're off to a good start. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. smile.gif Looking forward to more qview.
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Mine usually dont stall till bout 150-160. So you may have another one coming. Wait it out and dont increase the heat. Dont do it...
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I'm a brand new member here, but have been lurking around or a few months now.

I was able to get a Maverick single probe thermometer for free yeaterday and I thought my first brisket attempt was a good excuse to try my new toy... and that's my problem. It's been only been in the smoke for about 2 and a half hours and already reading 159 degrees... seems way too fast to me. (with any luck, it'll plateau soon, but I'm nervous) When doing butts and things I'd simply estimate an hour and a half a pound or so before I checked temp to see where I was and go from there...

What do you guys think... should I believe the meter??? I'm inclined to ignore it and assume I've got the probe in a fat pocket or something and leave it alone for at least a few more hours and then check with the instant read that I've been using all along.
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What's your chamber temp?

Nice looking ribs and the brisket is looking good too.
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[quote=RickW;299056]What's your chamber temp?

215 - 230... I like to shoot for around 220... It's a single probe meter so I don't have the "exact" number, but the factory thermometer in the door has been a good enough estimate in the past.
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Not knowing the smoker, in general the stock therms are pretty much junk. Try and use your new therm to check the chamber temps.
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Your smoker temp seems good as long as your thermometers are working OK. As most people say around here the stock thermometers that come with most units are not good. Most time I use about 3 thermometers on the grate (one left, one rights, and one middle), two in lid (I replaced these with some better ones), and one or two in the meat (depending on how big)... A bit over kill but it is always nice to know the different temps.

One other test you can do is a boil test of your thermometers. Boil up some water and your probes should read 212 degrees (at sea level). Or you could even do a freeze test (not a big fan) but both do work.

One more thing with the probe in the meat make sure you place it in the thickest part of the brisket.

Good luck and happy smoking.
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I guess things are working as they should after all. I'm at 5 and a half hours and the temp is up to 166. I must have been stalled somewhere along the line as it's been over 3 hours to get these last 7 degrees... I'll foil for a few hours when I get to 170 and see how long it takes to get to 190 or so... In the mean time it's time to get the ribs and beans going...

Thanks for the kind words of support along the way.
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Great new! G'luck on the ribs and beans. Looking forward to the finished pic's.
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Well.... it's 2pm & she's stuck again @ 149 F , so since the smoking's done i'm just gonna foil her & finish her off where we will be eating it at.



i doubt i'll get a chance to get the sliced pics , so i apologize & i'll make up for it on the next Q.
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Great looking grub there. Nice job
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Turned out great ..... although it's the 1st brisket i've ever done that plateaued twice. that was one stubborn SOB....took approx. 16 hours total & it was only a 6.5 pounder eek.gif . My grandpa loved it though , just as he did the 1st one. He thinks i should start catering ,lol.
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