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What actually is an "enhanced" product as in BBs?

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When a product is labled as enhanced, what does that acutally mean? Do I need to adjust my rub on the meat to compensate for whatever is "enhanced"?
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basically in a solution that may contain will tell you in the pkg if you live in usa the % of solution
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Thanks teacup13. I went down to Costco and saw some babybacks by Swift (?). They sure looked better than the ribs I was picking up at the market I usually visit. I'll go check again this week and look to see if its enhanced or not. On another thread, someone said somtimes they are and other times they aren't.
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by law they have to tell you that the meat has been enhanced.

ex. this turkey is enhanced with a 10% solution by volume...etc etc
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yup-good info tea! here we now have laws that require all countries the meat has been in-so not uncommen to buy meat that say's product of mexico-canada and usa.raised here slaughtered in mex-and packaged in canada.theres NAFTA working -and so many americans looking for work? go figgure.
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hey we feel/felt the same pinch with NAFTA...especially in the city i live in which "Use" to be a major steel city.
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The ones i smoked yesterday from Costco were not enhanced. In fact, I don't believe I've ever seen enhanced ones at Costco.
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Remember that the enhanced ones will probably look fresher ( red and glossy)and moister.
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Just did some enhanced ones from Fred Meyer (part of Kroger) and I can really tell the difference. I like the non-enhanced ones from Costco much, much better.
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enhanced pork

Generally "enhanced" pork is enhanced with a salt water solution and lemon juice keep in mind this will ultimately change the flavor of you favorite recipe.
Usually any enhanced product, beef pork, or chicken will not be injected with more than a 15% solution. It must be labeld on the package, but is usually in fine print.
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Enhanced ribs suck. But I dont find much difference when it comes to butts. Would still choose the natural butt if I had a choice between the two...
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Even though labeling is required, it's still a buyer beware world. Keep one eye open for careful reading. If you find a good supplier, stick with it.
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When a product is enhanced, you end up paying for water.
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However you like it.......

My experience with ribs has been this: if I buy locally (fresh cut), they can get dried out quickly without foiling, even doing a wet smoke; if I buy from a chain store (enhanced) they can be much more forgiving to the smoker. And as stated earlier, yes, enhanced meat can change the flavor.

My own rib rubs were developed using enhanced meat, and when I smoked some fresh ribs...whooooaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!! Had a bad flavor goin' there. You can make adjustments to your rubs/sauces to compensate for this, though it may take some trial and error. Also, smoke wood can make a huge difference.

Whether you choose fresh or enhanced, you need to find what works for you, and stick with it. If you're like me, you'll try anything once...twice if you like it!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Also, the enhanced ribs have an added benefit of a long fridge life (for those spur of the moment/unplanned smokes), unless you buy them on a manger's special (clearance/must sell), in which case you will need to use/freeze them very soon.

Hope this helps a bit. It's just another one of those preference things.

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