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Smoking in MES overnight??

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I am about to do my first long smoke by doing a pork butt over night. I am concerned that the drip pan on the back might over flow as in it states in the owners manual that it may have to be dumped periodically during smoking.

I have a 30" MES, have any of you had to dump the pan during the cook? Could I just put a pan inside the smoker on the bottom rack to catch the grease? Thanks for your replies!
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One're safe from overflow....
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Thats good! Thanks for the quick response!!
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I've cooked all night with my 40" full of butts. I usually put a drip pan on the bottom rack. Never had a problem with grease running out.
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I always use a foil pan on the rack under the butt, easy cleanup smile.gif.
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Put a drip pan under the butt with about 3 cups of Au jus with a few thinly sliced onions and put the butt in and cover with foil. Use the juice for flavoring after pulling.

I usually smoke 6-7 hours and foil and turn the smoker down to 185 and go to bed. In the am, it is perfect for pulling.

Good luck!
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