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Thanks!  I'm doing 2 birds next week and will try your method.  I'll post some Qview

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I tried this bacon thing with my offset smoker and it was AWESOME!!

I used 2 lbs like you said on a 14 lb turkey. The only thing is by the time the 2nd round of bacon was done, so was the turkey, so I didn't have time to brown the outside. That's no big deal because I always carve in the kitchen. It was so moist and tender and delicious. I will definitely do it again. I DID brine it first. After I pulled off all of the bacon I saved it, put it on a cookie sheet and crisped it all up together just before serving the bird. The bacon was a hit worth it's own page. I may do this all over again just for the bacon!!

Thanks for the recipe!! 

PS. I cooked at 250° for 6 hours

Thanksgiving 2010 012.JPG

Thanksgiving 2010 031.JPG

Thanksgiving 2010 023.JPG

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Yeah I pull the second batch of bacon when I have 45 minutes to go, and pan fry it to finish it off.   Glad you like the method.  I had a couple try it here in Colorado yesterday.  They sent me a text to the effect that they may never try a turkey in the oven again icon_mrgreen.gif

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Great lookin bird.  Nice!!!!

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