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Double Smoked Ham Q/view

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Ok so another great idea from you guys. I tried the double smoked ham this Easter. Yeah a bit late on the post but YUMMMM. It's been a busy week after the Holiday. On Easter I am a busy boy. I cook breakfast for the church, and then go to the inlaws and cook dinner for 20+. I BBQ a turkey every year, but the smoked ham was a hit as well this year. Thanks guys!

Ham was rubbed and wrapped overnight.

Ham at about 130 degree's

Ham glazed and done after 5.5 hours.
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That's a good lookin' ham.

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Nice! Just did one of those for Easter... Love me some ham!
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That looks really good. I'll have to give it a try.
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Good grief! Tha's one good looking ham- congratulations. I see why your in-laws make you cook! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Good job make me wanna try one soon. Thanks for the Q-Views
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I would recommend this to anyone! Best ham I have ever had!
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