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bacon flavor profile

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Good morning all,
I am in need of your advice. I am planning on smoking bellies for a soon to be owned deli operation. I managed to cure, smoke and fry this product with success, but I'm now looking to expand my product past the everyday bacon. I attempted to cure with brown sugar added to the mix as well honey. Have not tried maple syrup yet but will. My problem is as follows.

I cannot get the flavor of these added ingredients to come through.

Can anyone here offer up some advice on getting these flavors to be more pronounced on the finished product? Your help, and sharing of your wisdom, is greatly appreciated.
Thank you and Regards,
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Have you tried injecting the belly? I inject the maple syrup, real maple syrup, into the belly. Once on the first day. And then again on the third day. The last batch I did I used 1c brown sugar, 1c coarse salt(coarse sea salt), and 1/2c maple syrup.

Good luck
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Thank you Pep will give that a try
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I have played with many things making bacon-I don't care for a sweet bacon but have done maple syrup-brn sugar and apple cinn-and chapolti and peppered-I add and let cure the 10 days or so-injecting also works and as it smokes I will use whatever flavor as a baste.I sure love making bacon-glad u do too.
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For a new deli twist, you might try making some buckboard bacon...
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Thanks folks for the ideas. bb bacon may need to make a debut. keep the suggestions and advice coming.

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