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Yellow Drum Brisket

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Got an 11.76 pound brisket on the UDS. We'll see what the bright yellow drum looks like after it's first cook.

Picked this up at my local Cash & Carry.

I rubbed it with the following ingredients . . .

using a Tri Level Rub idea that I found on another forum. Layer One was the Lawry's, Layer Two was the onion powder and garlic powder and Layer Three was the kosher salt and coarse black pepper.

Here it is all rubbed and ready.

I put it on about 10 pm. Once the drum settles in, I think I'll grab some shuteye. Beautiful night for an all nighter though. It was in the 80s today. Crickets are chirping and it is a really nice night out.

Got guests coming over tomorrow so my wife is a little nervous at me experimenting. (It's just her sister's family so what the heck. biggrin.gif ) Gonna do some of Dutch's beans and some MOINK balls and the wife is making potato salad. I've never done Dutch's beans before. Am curious about those. Should be a good feed.

Thanks for looking.

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Looks good DDave! OK, I am probably very ignorant, but what in the Sam Hill are MOINK Balls?
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Looks good so far, and sounds like you have a solid plan. Good for you! Tell your wife to relax, you're a trained professional PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Look forward to the follow up success pics!
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Or you could tell her that you intend to use her family as Guinea Pigs in your evil experiment...on second thought, go with the trained professional thing!

Can't wait to see the results and hear your take on the tri-level rub technique...send pics along the way.
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You're off to a great start. Looking forward to more qview. smile.gif
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Looking good, can't wait to see the finished Q!!
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Found the idea on another forum. MOINK balls are beef meatballs (like the Costco frozen type) thawed, rolled in rub, wrapped in bacon and smoked. You can add a little BBQ sauce while they're on the smoker. The name comes from the beef meat ball (MOO) and the bacon (OINK). MOO + OINK = MOINK

They make a great appetizer. (MOINK balls are in the right.)

Well, I finally went to bed at around 2:20 am. Drum was sitting at 237°. Checked it a couple of times when I woke up through the night, it was still at 237°. This morning when I got up at 7:30 to check the temp on the brisket the drum was at 237°. I am sure it wandered a bit but never enough to set off the ET-73 and the wind did come up a little. Still seems to cruise pretty well even with the Weber lid, which I am happy to see.

Brisket temp was 148° and 7:30 this morning.

Seems to be a lot lighter in color with no sugars in the rub. And . . . the drums getting a bit dirty.

More later.

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Looks real nice Dave. Cant wait for the slicing.
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Thirteen and 1/2 hours in and the brisket is at 160°. I mopped it once but really didn't need to.

Probably just washed the large grains of seasoning off. The drum seems to cook really moist if you leave the lid alone. Been doing pretty good this smoke. Only removed the lid twice so far -- once to insert the temp probe and once with the intention of mopping.

I'll probably take it on up to 165° or so then put it in a foil pan with some of the intended mop sauce and cover it with foil then cook it till 195ish or until the probe goes in like butter.

More later.

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Lookin' good Dave. Those meatballs sound awesome too!
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Looking really good took mine off the smoker about an hour ago after about 12 hours total brought to 170 foiled and up to 190 for finish it is now resting till dinner time. I did a spicy rub for mine we shall see how she turns out!
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Nice looking brisket dave.

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DDAve, you have a kicka** looking drum, drips or no drips. I like it, an never thought I'd say that about any UDS.

Your brisket looks great and am sure it will taste twice as good...keep us posted. No worries here, have it under control.

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Looking good so far Dave, that's one thing about the Weber drips and makes a mess.
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Dave you are the man..brisket and drum look great. Sounds as if it is very efficient.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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By the time I got an opportunity to take finish pictures, there wasn't much left.

We tore through it pretty fast. It was good and Dutch's beans are excellent..

Took 17 hours which I thought was a little odd on a drum since I cooked a 12 pounder on my SnP in November. I confirmed that I had a bad temp probe. I boil tested it (as I always do before a long smoke) and it read 210°. Thought it was reading funny cause it was under the grate but after the brisket came off I set it on top of the grate with the other probe and it was way off. Switched plugs to determine if it was the probe or the unit and it was the probe. I looked back at previous smoking logs to note the difference between the dial and probe temps and I figured I was probably smoking this at around 200° to 230° most of the time. I guess it's a good idea to have the dial analog for a second opinion.

As far as the Tri Level Rub goes, the brisket was pretty darn tasty. My wife gave me a on the experiment. Can't really say if the layering made a difference since I had no way to immediately compare a non-layered one but the flavor seems very pronounced throughout the meat.

All in all an enjoyable smoke and meal. Thanks for watching.

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Dave, good looking drum brisket!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great looking brisket Dave.

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Great job Dave...Way to keep us posted!!!

Looks wonderful (what was
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