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Another venison post..

After the overnight marinade & added fresh CBP.

Added onion...

Can't smoke venison without bacon!!!

Served with loaded baked potato & grilled asparagus.

Thanks for viewing!!!
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Looks great coop. How long does venison last in the freezer? Got a bunch of ground from a friend. Man you eat good
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It depends on how it is packaged. I vacuum pack mine and have had some 2 years old that was just fine. If it is just wrapped in butcher paper it might be freezer burned in less than a year. By the way, it works well for a fattie when mixed with ground pork.
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Looks great, by the way what is CBP? Cracked Black Pepper?
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Great smoke Chris!

One of the perks of my job is getting in on fresh road kill. Just put a yearling buck in the freezer. Only injury was a popped left shoulder. Game warden finished him and issued me a tag.

Hope to find time to smoke a venison meatloaf and a shoulder roast next weekend. RIght now the farm consumes my time.

Great post and looking forward to more!

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That is correct.
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