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help with first time smoker

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I just got a charbroil grill and water smoker. there were hardly any instructions on this. questions i have is. how do you grill steak on it? do you use the water pan when grilling? and what would be the best first time meat to smoke? i was thinking boston butt or chicken. thanks for all help and advice.
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To grill, you want your meat to be directly over the coals. This means you'll remove the water pan barrier.

For a first time smoke, I'd go with something simple:
pork loin
fatty (modified meat loaf)

Then I'd go for something that takes a bit longer, but isn't too difficult:
pork butt

Finally, I'd shoot for a brisket
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Congratulations on your new smoker. You might want to check out the Char Broil website. You should find some helpful info there regarding your particular smoker.
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First off Congrats on your new smoker and welcome aboard.

TN BBQ already nailed the grilling question: direct heat.

For your other question for a first smoke, well a pork butt would be very forgiving and would be worth doing. It all depends on how involved you want to be on your first smoke.

Smokin's like swimming in a cold lake. You can either work your way in a bit a time or jump right in and git er done.

Good luck and remember the QVIEW. WE want the good the bad and the ugly
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Congrats on the smoker,grill. I agree with the above comments but from time to time I throw steaks on my smoker for a short time. Then I finish em on my grill to sear and cook to Medium,medium rare. good luck
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thanks for the help. i think ill go with chicken.
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