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Don't forget the pictures! It's been a while since I've done a brisket. Got a couple chuckies on now but you got me thinkin' BRISKET!!!!!! Good luck and I hope it turns out alright for ya.wink.gif
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I pulled it from the cooler and it was awesome!! I started the day at 5 am, took a couple of pics and wanted to start a thread... That being said I really concentrated on keeping a nice thin smoke with a concentrated small fire. It was a challenge too say the least. Then my temp probe proved un-reliable. Thats when I started posting this thread.. The brisket turned out excellent, I bought Jeffs rub and used it along with the home made finishing sauce was out of this world..

That being Said......

I think the best surprise of the day was the "wicked Beans" !!! Thanks go to Dutch for the OUTSTANDING recipe. For those who haven't tried theme, You need to. Ill be making them every time hands down.

Sorry for not posting pics, I know no pics it didn't happen right...Thanks to all who posted with helpful tips.. As always, this site is the best out there..
Happy Smoking everyone! ps make the beans!

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Good job. Smoking gun, always like that pic of your brisket. Still haven't got one like that, but I will one day.
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I'm sure it looks something like this right? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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You know actually I should send a pic of a slice.. The smoke ring is darker and did not penetrate as far into the brisket. Any Idea why? I think this may be a result of foiling too soon. Needless to say my thermo issue caused too much drama today. Thankfully the end result was still tasty...
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I've noticed the thicker briskets that take longer to cook usually have a deeper penetration of the smoke ring. Bottom line is the taste though. A nice smoke ring is pretty but it's no indication of the quality of the finished product. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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