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Smoking suasage?

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If I stuff some hog casings with Italian sausage and throw them on my smoker will the casings allow the meat to absorb the smoke? Or will just the outside get any smoke and is that enough for the flavor?

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they should absorb smoke, here is a pic of some regular Johnsonville Brats(these were a test run for future fresh sausages) with a smoke ring after 2 hours on the smoker 2 weekends ago.

this weekend I bought some more expensive alligator boudin to try. Pics to come on Sunday.
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i've never done it personally .... but i helepd/watched my grandfather & dad grind/case/smoke fresh sausage when i wasa a teenager & that is how they did it . & that was the best damned sausage i ever had. i think you have the right idea.
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Thats good to know.

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>>>will the casings allow the meat to absorb the smoke?<<<

oh, yeah ~ good stuff!
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You'll have plenty of smoke flavor in there.
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Exactly...they absorb lots of smoke through the casing. I love apple smoked Johnsonville brats, and have done many of them. If you want to experiment, grab a package and give it a go before you put a lot of work into some homemade...that way you can adjust (if necessary) for the real thing!
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those brats in your post look damn good & are making my stomach growl,lol.PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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thanks it was a test run, and pretty successful I think.
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i've got a whole case of those in the freezer from sam's club .... i may just have to slap them babies on the smoker. Did ya keep em around 225 for the 2 hours?
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About 2 hours around 245-250. I added them the smoker with some ribs that had been on a while.
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i think i'll finally get around to doing those this weekend.... yours look great chisoxjim.
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for safeties sack, most Italian sausage is fresh sauage and really not suited for a low and slow smoke. A slow smoke really needs a cure.
Now back to your question the casing will take on a smoke flavor and so will the meat, just get it cooked in 4 hours or less to 140°
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thanks, I look forward to seeing the pics of your brats.
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