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Iowa Gatherin Sign Up Sheet

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Hey yall, gettin closer ta the Iowa gatherin, so we know how many sites to "Unoffically Reserve", Please let us know if yer comin an how many. Also, if yer tentin er bringin some sort a RV, camper, bus, mule team er what have ya!

Thanks yall, this is gonna be a hoot!

Name: - # People - How ya stayin?
Tip Piper (travco) - 4 - RV/tent
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Be 3 of us, FRI morn. thru sun,(softball thurs.nite), be dragen the smoker behind the big red chariot, with a tent in it.
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Kurt and Sara - 4 - 2 Goldwings and 2 small campers
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Bump, bang er sumtin. Yall comin?
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so far so good, count me in, i got time off for friday so plan on headin down early am and hopefully be there for dinner lol!!! if not breakfast...

count me down for 2 and we be tenting.
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Two years on the forum and two years that I won't be able to make it. Thanks for the invite hope to meet you all soon. Be sure and post picts.
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Hey any ya new Iowa folks what wan'ts ta come, yer more en welcome! Gonna be in Rockford IA weekend a june 20, Gonna be a hoot an lots a good Q!
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Man, I wish I could be there! Thanks for the invite, but that's a critical time at work. Can't break free.
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bump ditty bump bump
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TTT. Again
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Gettin close folks, yall ready?
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me too.......PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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