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No thread for Bison

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Didn't know where to put this or even who'd care to look. Made some bison burgers and threw them on the weber with a little mesquite on the sides to impart a little smoke flavor

The ingredients
1 lb Ground Bison
Garlic Powder (approx 1 tsp)
Onion Salt (approx 1 Tbs)
Liquid Smoke (approx 1 Tbs)
Store bought rub (approx 2 Tbs)
1 Large Egg (approx 1 large egg LOL)
Panko Bread Crumbs (a large handful)

mixed all that up and made 1/4 lb pattys out of it. I've had bison at restaurants before and thought it was ok. But when I mixed this stuff up it was like a nasty piece of chewed gum left on warm cement. Ok, maybe it wasn't that gooey. But it was pretty darned sticky. Is this normal? Was it the Panko? I often use regular breadcrumbs when I make ground beef patties. I just thought I'd try something different (and that's all I had)

All pattied up and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

on the Weber. About 4 minutes per side. Did a temp check since I wasn't exactly sure what I should be looking for. Took them off at 150"

A slice of Provalone, some mustard and BBQ sauce on a cheap white bun. Some doctored up Bush's Baked Beans and some Doritos.

I didn't think they were very good. The wife and kids ate them without complaint. I didn't tell the kids it was bison til after dinner. Then of course the were like "gross, I think I'm gonna puke." LOL
And since my beautiful bride loves the camera so much....this is for her.

my daugther didn't look too happy about the camera either. I think my wife said "Can't we just have a meal without you taking pictures of every damned thing you do"

Some people just don't get it.

Tomorrow I'll take pictures while I make a bologna sandwich, just to see what she says. icon_lol.gif

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Burgers look good. Catch your wife just getting out of the shower. Snap a pic and tell her how everyone on the forum is really gonna like that!!biggrin.gif
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And then I'll post those pictures right after the camera is surgically removed from my nether regions. Cause if I try that...that's where she's gonna shove the camera. LOL
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Okay, LMAO on this excellent post which gets massive points.gifjust for the humor. Thank you, Dude, you always have a way with words.

As far as the stickiness is concerned, I suspect it was the Panko. Panko is normally used as a coating since it seems to hold moisture and then crisp up nicely. Apparently the "flour" has added starch that crisps up in frying when used as a coating. This probably contributed to the stickiness of your burgers.

I've only used it as a coating, and that works really well.

Sorry the kids didn't like a Dad myself, I've often used the "don't tell" rule when it comes to food. What they liked yesterday is a no-go today. Go figure.

Finally your words on your beautiful bride's comments about taking pictures of food made me laugh again- have heard the same here. When I read your post to my beautiful wife, she agreed completely. They just do not understand I guess... PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Good stuff Dude, always appreciate when I read something and it makes me laugh.

Good deal on the bison. Personally I think it is just ok, but my brother loves it. Almost never cook with it though because the price is outrageous around here.
All the great deals people on here find and I am so jealous. Being Jersey the demand for meat isn't quite so high and not many farms raising livestock, and smoking? Ha! Good luck finding someone around these parts who loves to smoke, there are a few but most of the time when I smell some wood burning it is just an old wood stove...

Points for a good post, and give a little of the points to your wife, you can tell by the hand that she got it up just in time...
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Just bought a bison prime rib roast from the local co-op. Have to wait for a special occasion as it was pricey. Had one at Christmas and it was good. Came in at just over 8 pounds. Salivating already! Points for Bison Dude I love it!

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Thanks for the post. I've had Bison bugers a couple of times in resturants. Didn't find anything special about them. Matter of fact, I thought they tasted "funny."
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Where ya get that Bison at?
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>>>Can't we just have a meal without you taking pictures of every damned thing you do<<<

I'VE HEARD THAT!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you owe me a new keyboard, dude!!!!!!!
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I've never had sticky bison before, lol. Wonder if it was the panko. I like the burgers wrapped in bacon for a bit of moisture.
Love the pics!

They DO look good Dude.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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HyVee in West Des Moines
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I am not a fan of bison, it is never very good, always stickey when raw and dry and tasteless when cooked. Ground beef is way better! But way to go on the prep to try and make it taste good. In fact I grind my ducks and add beef fat and they are way better than bison.
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coffee_junkie - grew up here in north central montana and live here again now, but i also lived in spearfish, south dakota for a time. while i lived there, i was able to try buffalo sorry guys, i just can't call it bison even though i know it is the "proper" term) in several forms. i always liked it, but will agree that anyone expecting it to be like beef might be disappointed. probably the best jerky i've ever made was from buffalo, and as history teaches us, this is primarily what it was used for.

i did try some buffalo rib-eye steaks once on my ECB way back when i first got it. in other words, i had no idea how to cook on it and distinctly remember the temperatures being a little low throughout most of the time. i used hickory smoke quite a long burn. whatever i did (and i doubt i could repeat it), when the ribeye was finally done, it was melt-in-your-mouth-tender and smoky-sweet. i couldn't have done better if i had tried.

recently, my wife picked up a couple of buffalo steaks and they have been sitting forgotten in the freezer until this topic popped up and i remembered them. i'll give them a try this weekend with my other stuff and report on results.
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i would liken bison to elk or other wild game. when i do elk burgers on the grill i mix my burger with whatever my favorite bbq sauce is at the time, usually using up leftover home made. form in a ball and insert pat of butter in center and close back up and gently flatten. salt and pepper to taste and should end up with a nice moist burger.

also do elk burgers and when flipped over on grill i will add some butter to topside a burger so it melts and kinda absorbs into the meat while the underside finishes cooking.
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