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1st Cadadian Bacon Experiment!

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All trimmed up

Bagged up and ready to sit for a few days...

Out of the bag and washed....

After the cook....

All sliced up....

And close up

It turned out good....

I have 2 color meats after I sliced, a whiter type and a more reddish ham color.

What color should it be really be?

The next time I make it.... Its gonna have a bit more kick to it....
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Looks good! I'd say the reddish looking part got a better cure than the whiter part. Maybe cure longer next time. My last one I dry cured for 5 days. Next one will be at least 7 days. Thanks for the pics.
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If you look at the first picture you posted I'd say the darker colored meat came from the right side of the piece of meat in the pic. If you look at it, you can see it's actually a different piece of meat from the main part, a different muscle. The normal porkloin you buy will sometimes have that at one end. It just depends which end your half loin came from..
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Cannot wait to try a CB. On the to do list. Looks great! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The color should be pink, any white or grey didn't get cured, maybe 1 more day would do it.
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looks good. ive done 2 that turned out great. and ide try a lil longer cure time. should help.
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looks very good but what is "Cadadian Bacon" j/k wink.gif
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I agree with reinman. Your bacon is fine, the meat color is due to the different parts of the loin.
Looks tasty!
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Looks great , you will find the darker meat more moist. As others have said different part of the loin, hence the fat line.
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Looks great!!!

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Looks good man. What internal temp did you stop at. Less than 160 fry before eating. Nice!
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