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That's a great looking drum! Nice job!!cool.gif
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Nice looking drum!!! Thanks for the pics!
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Great job stimpson, she sure is a beauty.
Any ideas what you're gonna smoke to break her in?
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Thanks for the kind words all. My first smoke is going to be some spare ribs, chicken, and potatoes. Have everthing ready for the Phoenix race sat, night. Go Mark Martin!!!!!!!!!
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Real nice drum build. You're gonna love that thing.
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Nicely done! That is a very nice charcoal basket. Did you weld that? If not prey tell how you did it. Points for the post!points.gif
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It's welded, but I didn't do it. Had a friend of mine do it. I was very pleased with it. I had to open up the holes in the bottom so the ash would fall out better. I did a test run with 12lbs of Kingsford Comp, and it went for 18+ hours. It would have been longer but the ash smothered the coals out.
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Great job, that should turn out some good Q. What is her name?
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What was the temp range you were holding for that long?
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Lori Qtongue.gif

I started the fire at 1 pm Wednesday. Temp came up quick. Started closing vents 245. They stopped at around 280, then sloly came down to 250-260. It was windy, and the sun was in and out, so I had to chase it for a while. It was well settled in at 245-250 when I went to bed at 10 pm. Woke up at 4 am Thursday and it was at 235. Gave the basket a shake and opened the side vents and she climbed back up to 260. Left for work at 6 am, and it was down to 250. The wife called me before she left for work at 7 am and she said the temp was 240. I wanted her to go shake the drum to knock down some more ash, but got the "I AINT TOUCHIN THAT" reply. When I got home at 4 pm, it was reading 150. There was nothing left but ash. Very happy with the burn time. I am sure it will improve and get even more effeciant over time as it gets more gunked up on the inside. My WSM sure did.
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POINTS for the lid hook!

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Thank you sir.
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Nice drum, looks like she gonna work like a bute!
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Very nice!

I may just have to build one of these soon! I do miss the flavor from a long charcoal cook. My GOSM is nice....but I miss using charcoal.
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