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Who would have thunk!points.gif
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Looks good! I just got a new stuffer so I'll be making deer sausage pretty soon.
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Ole, you been shopping at Cabelas? PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
Thank you Terry, Cajun, MG, Dave, AZ and Ole!

Terry, that's a great looking hunk of bologna!
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Who'd of thunk bologna could look so freaking amazing? That really does look like something special. Great job on this one cowgirl?
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Saw one of those today at the market. Going to smoke one soon. That looks great. It was only like $6.00 for that whole round of bologna. Looks great. Don't know which one to try
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Never been a bolonga fan but after seeing this I may need to rethink my position, looks real tasty cowgirl PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Dude, Cajun and Meat Magician!
I'm not a big fan of bologna, but smoking does add some flavor. Good luck with it!
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Looks great, Jeanie. I think I'd go for the rubbed one myself. smile.gif
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Thank you Dawn!!
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Completely missed this post originally but came across it in a linked thread.
Had to say that this is one amazing smoke. Excellent work.
Though the food is long gone by now the Qview will always look amazing.
Points is an understatement.
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That was another example of "Food As Art" Jeanie! Wow, I am starving now......always liked fried bologna, but never thought to smoke it until today. Excellent prep and my son Albert, really liked your butterflied and rolled bologn a fattie! points.gif
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