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New Guy From Tampa

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Hello all,

It's my first day in the SMF and after reading a few threads in this forum a newby to the world of smoke as well.
I've been BBQing for about 17 years now and having grown up in the south I thought I knew a lot about BBQ................ ha! You guys are CRAZY about this stuff!
All I can say is I can't wait till Saturday to try some of the new techniques that I learned just today!


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Welcome aboard. Any questions, just ask.
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Welcome to SMF Brian. You'll find lots of good info and some great recipes too. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to SMF, Brian. Glad you joined us. Keep reading, you'll learn even more. biggrin.gif
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Oh I forgot!

I've been smokin on a GOSM gasser for about 5 years now and just finished taking it apart to replace the venturi today.... man what a mess. I had black spots all over me. Ruined one of my favorite t-shirts but hey, now that it's fired up again... look out! She's ready to go again.
Gonna try my first fatty this weekend. I can hardly contain myself! You guys make it hard to decide on a recipe though. My wife found me drooling at the computer a while ago and it wasn't what she thought.

Anyway, Thanks,

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Welcome Brian.

Hopefully you'll be just as crazy about smoking as the rest of us.
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Hey Brian heres a weekend plan for ya biggrin.gif
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Welcome bticircuit. Great you decided to joine us and yet have so much experience already!
No doubt you will gain tons of knowledge and be able to contribute a lot as well.
No such thing as "crazy" about Q, well, I take that back, there may be but I prefer to look at it as a primal function we have within ourselves, an instinct we re-awaken and it is a delicious part of our lives.
Have fun here and happy smokes...
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Welcome from Sarasota. You're the 2nd "new guy" from Tampa today!
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Welcome from Bradenton!! This is a great forum with great people.
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Welcome aboard Brian
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Hello Brian, and welcome to the SMF family. Glad you joined us.
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You know, I had the same thoughts. I thought I knew a lot about 'cue, but man, it was only the tip of the iceberg. Just bounce around the site and you will see such a wealth and depth of knowledge, it is mind boggling. Welcome to the fun!
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Welcome aboard sure to take pics and post your weekend smoke!
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Welcome to our "Little Padded Cell" of the Web. Lots to learn here, and if you haven't heard it yet, you should take Jeff's 5 day E-course. It'll have your "Newbie Status" gone in no time!
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