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Smoking temps

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I am smoking a wild turkey. I had it in the brine bucket for 2 days and now have it in the smoker. The smoker temp is ranging from 250F to 260F. My thermostat prevents it from getting any hotter. The internal bird temp is now 150 after 5 hours. I plan on pulling it at 170F. Will it be safe?
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Absolutely it will be safe, just don't try to eat the skin unless you throw it under the broiler since lower temp result in "rubbery" poultry skin.
My little red bullet only goes up to 230ish, give or take, depending on the weather but I smoke turkey all the time with it and it always comes out great.

No worries about safety on that one, though any special ingredients in the brine or some Qview would be nice...
Happy smoking.
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I usually just drink wild turkeybiggrin.gif
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It was kinda hard rolling it! LOL. How do I use qview?
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Shriv, here a thread that erain did on posting pictures.. It should help..
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A general rule I've heard is 40-140 in under 4 hours and it sounds like you probably got thru that fine so it should be safe
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Piney's right, the 40-140 in 4 rule is what ya wanna foller. Bigger birds take longer, I usually smoke a turkey at 300* - 325* just ta push em along quicker.

Chicken I do bout 275* an use my spritz which give a decent skin, ifin ya wan't crispy skin ya can pull them birds a bit early an finish in the oven at 350* - 375* ta accomplish that. Or some folk just smoke at the higher temps.

Sounds like yer rig dosen't go that high so just kinda watch how big a bird yall do. Don't wan't ya gettin sick!
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did some yard bird whole legs today
250f 2 hours and 30-45 min(they were at 170f0 then bumped to 350f to crisp things up last 20-30 min (finished at 200f just cause )
smoked with apple and maple
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