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in search of beef brisket i found...

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i stopped by costco to see if they had beef brisket but i found two other items that appeared to be cheap. Im not sure what brisket normally goes for, so my term of cheap is not relative to anything.

in costco i found the following:
beef should clod 1.69/lb and roughly 19 lbs

beef round tip 1.99/lb roughly 8 lbs

how do these compare to brisket in flavor, price, cuts? i plan to smoke my first large piece of meat this weekend for pulled beef so i can freeze large amounts of it for meals like tamales, enchiladas, tacos, etc...
Will either of these cuts for the price be good. I love costco's meat when it comes to any other cut so im sure it would be tasty.

Also the shoulder clod appeared to have a large fat cap which is good right?

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Ive never even heard of beef should clod. Can you post a pic?
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Got this from the Wiki...

The beef clod or shoulder is one of the cheapest cuts of beef and is taken from the shoulder region of the cattle. This is why it is sometimes called chuck or shoulder clod. Beef clod consists of a large muscle system and some fat that covers the muscles. Beef clod can be prepared in a variety of methods both dry and moist, but the most recommended method to cook beef clod is to cook it with moist heat or braising. Long slow smoking also provides exceptional results.

Should turn out beautifully for you, please post the results so we can drool.
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okay fire it up, you twisted my arm. this weekend i should be doing a 10-14lb piece of CLODPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

btw, the way you had the description of the shoulder clod sounded like reading a pornoPDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

anything i should take into consideration when doing this large hunk of meat. Rubs, time(i know i know by temp, but should i expect 12 hours?), how often to spray or mop, what kind of mop. Basically, i havent a clue what im doing here, so its a show and tell. Ill show you pictures you tell me how. If anyone has a nice rub, ill use it. If anyone has a nice technique ill use it. This one is for you SMF
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suprfast- several of the folks here have done beef shoulder clods, jminion, richtee, ultramag to mention a few. Use the search feature found at the top of the page and type in "beef shoulder clod" and you will get a number of hits.

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i did a search, but a lot of people ran into the same issue as me with the naming of these parts.
Will do a search when i get home
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Kris, did a little searching and this site had some smoke directions for the shoulder.
It is from a NY deli so take it as you may, but they did give some smoke directions that may help, at least I hope so...
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fire it up, points for you. When im sitting here this weekend grubbing on a saucy meaty sandwich, just know i will have a second next to me for you
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Thanks Kris, just make sure you get some nice pics of that second one for me and I'll be happy.
Or if you happen by S. Jersey just wrap that baby in foil for me...
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The shoulder clod is just North of the.. you guessed it... beef brisket! The brisket is cut off underneath the shoulder. It is leaner but shares the same marbling and muscle groups so it will have the same texture, flavor and tenderness. And, a good price on it too!

the shoulder clod:

You would probably recognize it better by one of its primary finished cuts, the shoulder steak (or roast with this facing):

Happy Smokes! It should be great!

Pops §§
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Sounds like a good price for a tasty piece of meat. I had not heard of it either until some of the guys from Michigan began smoking it. The report is that it's every bit as good as chuck roast which is excellent. Looking forward to some Qview.
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oh man you guys have me ready for this weekend.
Im ready for a long day of smoking this then pulling it.

If anyone can help me with a smoke schedule,
Smoke until 165°
warp in foil till 200°-205°
put in ice chest to redistribute juices for about 2 hours
Pull that baby with a nice cold newcastle sitting at my side?

Does this approach sound about right?
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Steven Raichlen did a 19# Shoulder Clod on his bbq-U tv show on a webber kettle. It looked awsome. BIG piece of beef though.
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I plan to pull it and freeze most of it. This should last if i vacuum seal it right?
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