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Deep Freeze smoker

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deep freeze smoker parts

  • old deep freezer
  • smoke gen made with electric livestock water tank heater juice can to hold wood chips
  • cheap electric fan for cold smoking inside metal housing
  • wood stove door gasket to seal up door
  • brinkmann electric element
  • electric oven thermostat
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Welcome todell. Looks good. When you get a chance stop by in Roll Call and introduce yourself to everyone.
We love getting to know all the new members and hear a little about their experience.
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Todell7, can we get some close-ups of the components you mentioned and how you put it all together?
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deep freeze smoker parts

Franklin livestock water tank heater 450 watt it does have an adjustment dial

I added flashing to keep the weather out. 46 oz. juice can with stove pipe reducer stuffed foil around reducer to get better seal

$7.00 dollar fan from wallmart
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Thats quite the setup! Thanks for posting.
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Thanks for sharing your rig. I'm always looking for ways to improve mine.
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