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Need Parts for a GOSM

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Anyone where I can get parts for my smoker? It's a ss 36 inch propane and I need a venturi or even the whole burner chamber assembly if I can get one.

My first thread of many!


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Brian welcome to SMF. Somebody has started manufacturing GOSM's I believe maybe you can check out a new one and see what company is now making them and get in touch with them for parts
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find an old gas grill with a side burner.........OH, and welcome.

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GOSM parts

I live 8 miles from where GOSM operated there plant. Theres a guy here in Galena who bought some of the stock when they shut down. I can get the burner and shroud for the small GOSM like mine. He has some burner assemblies that have the 4" cast brass burner too.
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Hello afreetrapper. Keep us up to speed and get some prices and his inventory.

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out of service for awile

Im got to be away for a few days. storm took the roof off my apartment and the cieling came down computer took a bath. Writing this on a friends computer.
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