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spring time maintenence on those cookers

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well as spring comes every year so does the time for outdoor maintence on your outdoor cookers. theres rust knocking on the door to every steel cooker. buildup dirt and grease. a lil cleaning and parts replacement can make them last for decades instead of a few years.

this gas grill is 12 years old and i was gonna replace it this year. after looking at the cheap made grills available under $200 i decided again on a fresh rebuild.

i removed all the lava rock rusted out burner and grates. cleaned with goo gone grill cleaner. mine is easy to clean and later ill show why.

i always line my bottom with heavy duty foil. it keeps it clean and when i go to clean out bottom every thing comes out with the removel of the foil. i line it tight and push foil through holes.

replaced the burner with a stainless steel burner and new lava rock. old drip cover was rusted out so a 3/16th" angle iron replaced that and should last years.

a once over with the pressure washer and a new coat of BBQ paint. the old BBQ pro looks new again.

total cost was under $40. and i still have my cast aluminum grill instead of the thin stamped steel flimsy china made models i looked at. 12 years and still cooking. i have replaced the burner 4-5 times now and a piece of angle iron that holds gas tank i replaced a few years ago from rust.

this brinkman horizontal was on a trailer for junk 5 years ago. wood was gone and rust had overtaken it.

some terex scraps stainless bolts and paint and it matches my grill. still cookin and rescued from smoker heven.

the burner replacement took about 1 hr. about the time to assemble a new cheap one. so remember. a little tlc and your cookers will last for years and years to come. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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That SnP looks nice!! You did a great job restoring it. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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I'm with you on keeping them serviced. My old Coleman 3000 grill is almost as old as yours. I replaced the burner, drip trays, etc. It still works like new. The new stainless ones are pretty to look at in the store but I don't know how long they will last under heavy use.
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Good Job and great Grill View ;)
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great lover of beaf, chicken

i move to some other city for my higher education i have to **** food myself...and its really hard for the person like me who start cocking first i find many good pics of grilled beaf..please tell me how can i make this all
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Good info and pics, big game..
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i replaced the burner on my gas grill last year. it was needed.
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Very nice work on both smokers! I agree with you; seems fixing back up the older stuff is cheaper and results in a better item than the new stuff.

Are those the original wheels that came with it? They look like it, but I don't see the rod axle running through. The original SnP wheels on mine were a source of frustration and teeth-gnashing for me during the (short) time I had them on. First thing I did to my unit was replace them. Should have done it earlier.

Congratulations on your new-old smokers PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yes sir it spring in Fla it's just when it gets alittle hotter. But you have to clean out those grills I do every year just like you said change wore out part new lave rock and go boy go. Lucky us we get to grill year round. icon_biggrin.gif
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Good job and good reminder. Thanks for sharing.
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Nice work on the restorations B.G.C.!


You sir, are the man.

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Does anyone know if there are parts available for an old Brinkman grill??? My dad-in-law cut the bottom out of one and put 2 gas burners in it. I want to remove the burners and return it to a charcoal grill and add a smoke box on the end. What I need is the bottom half. Maybe just an insert that fits into the original piece.
Pictures follow! Any help would be wonderful
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I commend Your Reuse Philosophy I do The Same Thing, Why Not its Often Cheaper and easier. In fact lately I have friends Getting new ones and I take their Old ones.. I have even Concerted stainless Gas rigs to Charcoal for friends. adding a 1/4 plate to the cooker floor and new expanded metal Grates for Cooking . Great Job man

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