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which wood to use

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hi, I'm very new to the smoking thing, but hooked. anyone know of a chart or something like that listing the good woods to use with different meats? if there even is such a chart? I have a plentiful supply of oak and apple, which from looking about this topic, I'm feeling lucky about having the apple.
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Sounds like you have what you need to get started. Lots of folks find one wood and stick to it. Others like to experiment, mix and match. I generally use Hickory, Mesquite, Sassafras and Apple but I have others in my arsenal. Matter of taste. Here is a general chart that gives you a heads up to the flavors of different woods.
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No offence, but this is a sticky in this forum, directly above this thread.
It has helped many here.
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thanks all
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I use several different woods. Some meats ie: brisket an butts will tend ta overpower some a the lighter woods. Hickory er mesquite is good on them.

Apple goes well with most pork, maple is good on most everthin, hickory is a stronger wood as is mesquite, ifin ya like a heavier smoke they be the ones, ifin ya wan't em lighter some folk mix in other woods with em. Lillac is good fer fish, lotta folk like cherry as a general wood.

There be lots a woods listed on the smokin wood chart, try some different ones an see which yall like best fer what.

Good luck.
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Boy oh boy do I loooooooooove me some hickory smoke

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I have had access to some Peach and I throw at least one stick in (usually) just for flavor. It is light and burns
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Im a big fan of mesquite, apple, and cherry. I have also smoked some ribs using green tea leaves & mesquite.
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I love oak for beef, mostly use hickory for everything else. I think you're lucky to have the oak. I cant find any round here.
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I personally go by this. And if you see a wood that you wanna try, you can order it. I use their Lump Charcoal too.

Mmmmmm Good Stuff!
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