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newbie here

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hi all, I'm from the lower hudson valley new york, and I'm fairly new to smoking. Kinda funny how I got into it, I was driving down the road scrapping on garbage day with my younger brother and we came upon this beautiful pile of what some would call trash. Now the way we work it is since I have seniority I'm the driver and my brothers the runner, or the foot man. So he jumps out to grab the copper pipe haning out of the pile, along with the from what I could tell brand new black and decker cordless drill/circ saw kit minus the battery charger, and there it was one more pile ahead. A perfectly good, new looking brinkman smoker. I'm not up on my styles of smokers yet, but its a water smoker, the verticle type that runs off charcal. Doesnt seem like the nicest to use but it works and was free. So we pick this thing up and I try it, and I've been hooked since. I've been very successful with chicken and turkey. The ribs I did were fairly decent, but came out a little tough. Venison was pretty good too. Like I said I'm hooked now though, and going to go full bore into the hobby now. Hope to fine some usefull info on this site. For anyone interested, my brother kept the black and decker kit, and I gave him one of my extra dewalt 18V chargers and the batteries fit it since in reality its the same company.icon_lol.gif
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Welcome to SMF.. Alot of great people and info here. Look around and dont' forget the Qview
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Welcome aboard.
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Welcome aboard
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welcome and enjoy the forum
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sweet dumpster find!
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Welcome, BoBo...........;}-

Another Re-CyclerPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Lots to be said about Dumpster DivingPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

One man's junk...........
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Hello and welcome to the forums. Congrats on your find.
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Welcome to the board!!!! Enjoy!!
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. icon_smile.gif
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Welcome Bobo.
Great that you just happened to get into the art and love it.
Sure you will find tons of good advice and recipes on here.
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Welcome to smf. Can't beat the price of your smoker!
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