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I have linked it several ways but now that I have made enough and have the technique down not to over stuff I just stuff the whole casing and link it when Im done. I used to make a pinch as I was stuffing for wherever a twist would be but found that I had inconsistant link sizes that way.
if you have someone helping its easier to link while your stuffing.
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Very nice I just did 30 lbs yesterday as well. My bad I did not take any pics but it looks like we did the same size links. I wanted them a little smaller for one person breakfast. I really liked your spice rack. The commercial refrigerator is that for you meats?

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yes the fridge is for my meats
I got it for 52 bucks on ebay and was going to make it
into a smoker but it wors so darn good that Im using it for
my cold storage. maybe a future smoker if it ever dies
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How do you get something like that on eBay? Was it close enough for you to go and pick it up, or did you pay for it to be shipped?
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yes it was close, It was a pick up only and it was an hour and a half away! have to always be watching! no way I would have even concidered something like that if it would have had to of been shipped
I guess you can say I lucked out!
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You definitely did. It would have been a good deal even if it didn't work. Having it work makes it a great deal.
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