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Bacon Fatty

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[img]My first attempt at one of these a real learning experince. Family loved it so everything was great[jge]
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wow nice start keep up the nice qviews
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Looks good. Is that cheese, veggies, and Canadian bacon?
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looking great, piker!
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Nice job Piker....please let us know what ya put in it!
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looking very tasty

looks like green peppers,red peppers,onions,canadian bacon and some sort of cheese.
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Look like a pro on your first one. Great job. Looks delicious.
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Bacon fatty

I put a layer of home made ham first,then sauteed onions,celery,green peppers,garlic and pimento for colour as I was out of red peppers also a good amt. of grated old cheddar cheese. I then smoked it @175F using hickory for 2 hrs. and finished it off at 225F for another hour. It was quite large as I used 2 lbs. of meat plus all the fillings but it did not last long. Thks Piker
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i think you're going to fit in well around here, piker!
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Old Bay

thanks guys I will do some further checking as I found some stores that are supposed to carry it I will let you know. Tasunawitko I see you on a outdoor forum which I read quite regularily. I live 70 miles west of Med Hat. Do lots of vacationing in Montana but usually in the western part artound Kalispell. Piker
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I, too, am curious what all was in it. Looked good enough toeat!
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i thought the name looked familiar but i wasn't a hundred percent sure. ;) if you need help with that old bay, let me know - perhaps we could work out an old-bay-for-canadian-tire/tru-north-maple-wood-chip smuggling operation!
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I, too, am curious as to what all was in it. Looked good enough to eat!
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Very, very nice! I really liked the sauteed veg's part. Gonna have to try that meself! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking fatty! Be sure to post that over in the fatty forum and enter it into the "Spring Fatty Throwdown"
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