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Beef Back Ribs

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Last saturday I smoked up some ribs for a birthday party I had to go to.
I got this idea in my head to try using a drip pan with beer, apple juice, and some garlic. After a couple of hours of fat rendering and some of the rub falling in the pan, I would use this as my mop and not foil. As it turned out, this worked pretty good. Ended up using a turkey baster to apply the mop.

The ribs

In the smoker with a little extra rub and the drip pan

And we're off with with some preburnt oak chunks

Ready to come out

Close up

Cut one off to snap a pic (and sample)

Love them beefies!!
Gotta play with the drip pan ingredients now.
Lasted only 5 mins at the party after being cut apart.....not bad!!
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I'm surprised they lasted that long...Those would make a vegetarian dig in they looked so good.

I haven't done a lot of beefies, but they just appeared on my radar screen for an upcoming smoke. Thanks for sharing, and making me very hungry! points.gif
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Beef ribs are my favorite and you just made me want them again, Gene. icon_lol.gif Those look incredible! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Gene, first of all, congrats on your OTSB nomination - very well deserved.

I like your drip pan mop idea - although I don't mop beef I might give this a try.

Well, after seeing the end result, that's no surprise at all. I'm with you and Dawn, beef ribs are at the top of my favorites.

Thanks for sharing the awesome QVIEW, points.gif

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Those look great- wish I had some of them for lunch!
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that's some great looking BBQ - points!
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Nice Gene. Yum.
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Nice Job Gene! Congrats on trying something new. Glad it was such a big success.
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Boy to those ribs look good. Great job loving the smoke ring also love the idea about the pan. I have used a pan before with just some water to try and keep things moist and I even used it once to make some gravy. I would love to try and use it as my mop sauce but the way my smoker is setup it would be hard to get at it.
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Huh. Good idea basting with the drip water. I use a vertical, and generally put onion, apple, and some juice in mine. Never dawned on me to mop with it. Thanks for the idea!

Great looking ribs btw.....

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cool idea, man those look good!
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Gene, those look awesome. Nice
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Thanks everbody for the nice comments!!
They are very much appreciated!!!biggrin.gif
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How did I miss this thread? Beef ribs are my absolute favorites. :)

Gene they look fantastic!! Nice job!!
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way to go man, beef ribs one a my favorites!!! and yours look greatpoints.gif
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Fantastic smoke ring! That's out of control! I almost swore off of beef ribs after a disaster a couple of weeks ago, but this may bring it back!
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Great looking stuff! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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