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Ron, I have a question. In the first picture you have the meatloaf sitting on a rack above the drip pan. In the next picture the meatloaf is sitting in the drip pan. Hows come?
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It was being taken off the smoker to rest.
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looks great

I have also never prepared meatloaf
this would be working away in no time,at our homeicon_smile.gif
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I thought I'd tag along on this thread. Did my first Meat Loaf today along with some drumsticks since I had the room.

I used Jeff's recipe but left out the salt and pepper (blasphemy!) because my wife wants to add her own (or not). I was sitting at the table looking out to the smoker on the patio and saw these little wisps of TBS. "Cool" says I. About five minutes later I look again and had a WTF moment! Big clouds of opaque smoke billowing out of my smoker. I ran for the water spritzer bottle and some aluminum foil, shot the chip pan a few times, and then covered it with a second piece of foil. That decreased the smoke and I went back to reading the paper. About a hour later I couldn't suppress my curiosity any longer so I opened up the smoker and took out the chip pan. When I took off the pieces of aluminum foil the inside one was covered with soot but the second one wasn't bad. I got lucky that I didn't cover the meat in black stuff. BTW, the wood was leftover apple chips, from a previous smoke, that had turned to charcoal along with some unsoaked Pecan chips that I picked up this morning.
I was trying to decide what to put the meatloaf on this morning. I was going to use the upside down muffin tin technique but while I was shopping this morning I saw this veggie pan with the holes in it and decided that that would be perfect. It was, and it washed up great.
The loaf turned out the way I wanted it, a little on the dry side, but not hamburger dry. I put some Open Pit (have to use it up and wifey likes it) on it after it hit 160 and left it in for another 10 minutes. I hope i don't lose points for the Open Pit.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
The adventure continues.
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Looks pretty good Mike, you should be sure to post this in your own thread, you'll get lots more views and feedback.
Keep up the good smokes.
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Actually I thought that a thread started by Ron would get a lot more views than one that I start. I feel it's an honor to tag along on his apron strings.
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