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Rib question

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Next month my son and law and I are doing a smoke for mothers day. We're doing a couple loins and a couple fatties. I also wanted to do a couple slabs of ribs, but we really won't have 5 hours before eating time. We're taking out smokers to my moms and doing everything there, so it's not like we can just get up extra early.

So here's my question.

Could I do the 2 and 2 of the 2-2-1 method the day before. Put the ribs in the fridge after the 2 hours foiled. Then the next day apply some BBQ sauce and put them back in the smoker for an hour or so.

I'm thinking this should work, but they may need more then another hour since they'd have to warm back up again. Or we could put them in the oven for a bit to warm up some while the loins and fatties are going, and then put them in the smoker for the last hour or hour and a half.

Anybody have any experience at doing it this way.
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I have done similar with the ribs the day before, may even pull them a bit early and foil with a good spritz and warm them up the next day (keeping them foiled), either on the smoker or oven. I have done both ways.
I am sure others will join in with their techniques.

Just hope you don't cut it to close on the loins and fatties and run into a stall.
BTW... I like your signature ;)
aka Rocky
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I would finish the day before. You're doing 90% of the work anyway. Refrigerate them over night, and reheat them in the oven at Moms. It should be fine.
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I think your plan will work. Finish them off and warm em up..... or leave off the sauce and sauce em up when you warm em up.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm thinking from others we've done, the fatties and loins will take 3 hours plus, so we figured we could put the ribs in the smoker for part of that time and give them more smoke. But it may be just as easy to finish them off the day before, and then just warm them up in the oven the next day.

If I finish them off the day before, I wonder how many will actually be left for the next day.
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Yes all the time, you could also finish on the grill.
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What Ron said.
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Yes, finishing up on the grill would be better than reheating in the oven.
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