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GOSM Cover

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Trying to find a place to buy a cover that measures 36 tall, 24 wide, 16 deep. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Try this link you can get it any size you want
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Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give them a try. Will be nice to get the smoker out of my florida room.

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I understand that. If you get one put up a post with how you like it. I have a covering for mine now but might move it out and would need one.
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Last resort could be going to an upholster that specializes in car interiors.
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Camp Chef makes one for the Smoke Vault that would probably fit just fine. I think I saw one here at our Sportman's Warehouse. Let me know if I can help.
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Bought mine at Home Depot ... They have assorted sizes on the shelf.
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You might also try They have 2 or 3 different covers for smokers.
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