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Easter Dinner with QVIEW!

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I think I got a little ambitious for Easter Dinner. I supplied the meat for our get together at the in laws. Here it is.
Prepped and in the smoker. Caught this picnic on sale for .99 a pound. Put a small amount of Reds rub on it. Smokin with Apple.

First of 2 stuffed loins. This one has a layer of provolone, fresh sausage, kraut, fresh sage and a 6 Italian cheese medley.

This one had a layer of provolone, piled cooked bacon, sautéed mushrooms, spinach, black olives and a layer of 6 Italian cheese medley.

Loins all rolled up and seasoned with garlic/onion powder, lemon pepper, and a little CBP.

Just wait till the big guy turns his back.... that ham has my name written all over it.

Here is the picnic hot out of the smoker. I used cherry juice in my water pan and I made a mop out of cherry juice and brown sugar. It was excellent.

Here are some first time Moinkers getting ready to hit the smoke. I made these with my homemade meatball recipe.

ATBz loaded and ready to go.....

Here are the stuffed loins hot out of the smoker.

Moinkers hot out of the smoker.

Picnic sliced and ready for the feast.

Stuffed loins sliced and ready to plate up.

Red got creative on me. She does that on the holidays.

Everything turned out shweeeeet! The ATBz and the Moinkers were gone before I could take a picture. Moinkers are one of my new favorites. Already thinkin about the next batch. We all left plenty full. Life is good. Thanks for checkin out my qview.
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Im a bit upset that I wasnt invited. Looks great. Points to ya.
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You know you have a standing invite! Nobody gets invited to my place to eat. All you have to do is show up. If I don't have something cookin I got a fridge full of leftovers to heat up or make somethin new. Thanks for the points.
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Wow, where to begin...?
Points first of all.
Nice picnic, I love those. Stuffings in the loins was a great combo. Nice, well, You know what?, to save typing time, Nice everything, that was an excellent Qview and everything looked great! Tell Red those eggs looked awesome! What were the garnishes on them? Would LOVE to make a myriad of decorative eggs like that sometime.
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Now that's what I would like to work up to. Those Loins look awesome. Nice job.
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oh my GOD !!!

enough said !

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Nice job as always Dave.points.gif
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Great spread of food , with food like that how can you eat in moderation ? LOL icon_cry.gif
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Mmmmm Dave! It just doesn't get any better than that!! Way to go! Hat's off to Red for the eggs too! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Don't see how you got a little too ambitious- you did great by the looks of things PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Your sides were awesome and I really like these "moinkers" things! First heard of them this past weekend and they sound great- gotta make them.

Big congrats to your wife for the art-plate, nice looking set up. Really impressed with the bunny whiskers...

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Can you find the one winkin?
The owl?
Eggs layin in the grass?
Easter egg?
Easter Bunny?
The one I bit off of ?
Thanks for the points.... Red said thanks too... it was more of a grunt than a thanks but I knew what she meant.

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Those are great Dave!! I've got to give that a try sometime.

Both you and Red are very talented!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Excellent! Everything looks too good to eat. I like Red's decorating job too.icon_lol.gif
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Great job Dave!
Everything looks great....musta been a heck of a feast!
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WOW! That was incredible to say the least. Everything looked amazing (as usual)! Have you published the homemade meatball recipe?

Those eggs were would almost be a shame to eat them!

I hope your pup got a tidbit or two...really pretty dog.

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