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Been here for awhile

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just havent posted enough.well i did a few before the site change over.Its such a great place.heres some pics of what i have,gonna use this for the summer and get me a Good thick metal one for next seasonicon_razz.gif The tray I have turned upside down as someone suggested to help spread out the heat.Its not clean anymore though!!

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Good ta hear from ya again....welcome back
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Welcome. In the last couple of weeks we've had new users come on named Beer, Bbud, and now Budlight.

I see a trend, and I like it!
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Welcome back to SMF.
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Welcome and enjoy!!!!!
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Nice rig ya got there Budlighting. Don't be shy; post away and by all means, show off some of your QVIEWS.

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Glad to know you're back in the hood.
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Welcome! That rig looks good.
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LOL,thats funny,guess you can tell whats on alot of peoples and barbeque just belongs together doesnt it?will be posting some Q's too good and bad all summer cuz I'm new to smoking,was a gas freak untill i spent a weekend with my cousing who smoked ribs...mmmmm! lol
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looks good! like the mods!
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