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can a butt be to small?

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I usually get my butts around 4-5lbs and they take a good amount of time to cook. If I cut them in half down to about 2-2.5lbs in theory they will cook in half the time. So my question is, will they cook to fast and not have adequate time to break down all the tissue? Also when cutting a butt in half dose one half still have the bone or would I cut out the bone then cut it in half?
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I havent had good luck with the smaller one. I do not think it has the time to slowly break everything down. Just what I have observed.
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can a butt be to small?
...on my wife no, on meat, yes.

They need time to absorb the smoke and for the meat to properly break down. If not, we could just slather it in liquid smoke and put it in the microwave. LOL
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I like big

Ya, the smaller ones dont turn out as well, just the same as those monsters at 10-12# wont either, stick with the 6-8#'ers and you will be fine. The smaller one's are for crock pots,or the oven. (2 notty words?)
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Lennyluminum you might want to try country style "ribs" they are from shoulder and cook alot quicker, with great porky taste.I like6- 9 pound butts and personaly feel cooking the whole butt is way to go-just my preference.
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... and I can not lie.
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thanks for the always good input everyone. I was doing mostly 4-5 lb butts and I think you are all right I think the bigger ones I have done do seem to come out better. I'll stick to the 8 ponders. If I put them in a few hours before the ribs I think they should all get done about the same time.
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If you smoke smaller pieces, you could reduce your smoke chamber/rack temp to compensate for the more rpid heat absorption. The longer you can linger in the 145-160 range, the more tender. Get it up over 140, then let 'r soak...

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only time I would consider cutting in half would be if I was doing up back bacon, of course would debone that, but otherwise I would go bigger as said above.

Country ribs are delicious, with a nice rub, and dipping sauce.... mmmmmm

aka Rocky
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I'm a butt mmaaannn......oh wrong forum....myself I would not half the butt. Good things take time and pork butt's are included. Good luck
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