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brining turkey

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does a turkey in brine have to be in refrig?
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Yes. Even though the bird is in a salty solution, it still needs to be kept cold. Just make sure you are using a food grade container that is large enough to hold the bird and cover it in the brine and set in fridge, or if its cold where you live, you can set it outside like I do in the winter months. Hope that helps you. redface.gif
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Best temp fer brinin is bout 38* much higher an ya risk spoilage, much lower an it will slow an eventually stop the process.
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You can also set it in a dark corner of a basement, add ice as part of the water amount and it will keep insulated in a food grade bucket (with a lid) overnight.
Best if done in the fridge, but the basement or a cool and dark area is also acceptable.
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38-40 degrees, anything over 40 degrees is not acceptable as this puts the meat in the danger zone where bacteria will start to accumulate. remember 4 hours in danger zone (40-140 deg) is tops, and this does include cooking time.
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I have also used a clean cooler, and then submerged bags of ice to keep the whole thing cold. Be sure to use ice in bags that are sealed and clean (maybe even a large ziplock bag, or something like that) so the melting ice doesn't dilute the brine.
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Gotta keep the raw meat cold.

I have an old fridge in the garage, but have used ice coolers too.
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