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Want a BBQ business?

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Don't their their previous reputation, but 25k doesn't seem too bad for a turnkey restaurant?
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If the equipment is in good shape, there's almost 25 grand worth right there. Sounds like fun for someone a lot younger than I am. Not to mention, it's in the wrong part of the country.biggrin.gif
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The bad thing is that the location is a lunch only kinda place. Downtown so I bet Saturdays are a futile effort.
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if that were in montana, i'd be all over that.
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Call me crazy but for all that and such a cheap price AND no pics of anything except links for other area events, seems like there is something wrong...
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Well I bet the owner is in the hole now. I think the market building was closed for like 6-8mos due to rodent problems. The city owns the building and there was a really long delay and talks of not repairing what had to be done. Wish I had all the details, but it does make you think a little.
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Wow--with rent that low and utilities included you would not need to do much to break even. Utility bills even for a small restaurant can approach $1000 on their own. I would guess if you could do $500 a day you would be in really solid shape. Use the shop to cater out of too and you would be golden.
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