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Thanks guys, should I stick with this or foil?
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if it were me, i'd go without the foil. the foil does make thm fall off the bone, but in my opinion they come out just a tiny bit too soft and also are just a tiny bit too moist - you might try in the foil for a small amount of time, maybe half an hour or an hour instead of two, then back on the smoker for an hour and a half instead of an hour.

it's up to you, bud - i think you can foil them or not foil them and come up with good stuff either way.
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so a defininate maybe then eh? lol

OK, I think I'll wait a bit, then foil just at the end, what the heck! :-)
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see how it goes - the cool thing about this hobby is that even if something doesn't come out quite "right," it will still taste great 95% of the time!
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OK cool, thanks! :)
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Just got done eating. Man I think there is some kind of weird magnetic feild over my house lol. 6 hours 45 minutes, bring em in. Cut em apart...
Blood!!! EWWW I had to put the cut apart ribs on the top rack of the gas grill for 20 minutes to finish em!

But... they came out like totally awesome. I hate to say it, but I think I like non smokey slow cooked ribs better! Don't hit me lol
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blasphemy! blasphemy!

lol - just kidding - hey, what you like best is what is best bud -

crazy with the cooking times, though - they should have been done sooner! try to hold temps at 250 or maybe even 275 next time!
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What happened? The last two weekends you were talking about good temps on your thermometer.
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OK whew! Thought you guys might throw rocks at me lol

I'm not sure... I had a full pan of white coals, temps were around 290 the first 30 minutes, then slowly dropped down to 225. It held that for a couple hours, then got down to just over 200 when I noticed. So I stirred and added, back up to 275.. 250... 225 and held again for a couple hours, same thing ect. I couldn't get it to hold at anything above 225. It was like a magic spell forcing it to 225. But I still figured they'd be done eventually. I see you guy's pork and it's all done with bark, Im jealous! So far I've made 3 pork roasts, these ribs, a beef roast, chicken legs and salmon. The legs and salmon were the only ones I didn't have to finish cooking with another method.

When I'd take the smoker off and stir and shake the ashes down, the heat from the pan of coals was killer hot. Hot enough that just the heat from it would burn my hand and face. Seemed like my temps should have been like 500 or something. But nope!

I ended up using 3/4's of an 18lb bag of coals !
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