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Can't you put it in Stanby Mode?
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I just purchased mine from Amazon @ $43.00 w/ free shipping.
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I have had a run of bad luck on the meat probes - Ordered (2) and one was bad right out of the box - it was reading 110 degrees ambient temp when it was 70... Don't do like I did and submerge the probe in water when cooling your sausages....DOH! icon_redface.gif
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when i got mine on ebay for 37 bux i thought same thing, what a pain ita... but the smoker box high/low monitor is what makes this thermo...

and as far as how long it takes to go thru the temp range....if you just hold the button in, 24 seconds.... i dont even notice it anymore, just use it a couple a times and you will have forgotten all about its minor short comings. i think its a great thermo and compared to the grief i have had with the walmart thermos and others...

one thing i will say though, i had a taylor, it lasted me somewheres between 5-7 years before finally giving up. prolly one too many nights left outside. but same issues and only single probe and no reciever.. but still was a good quality thermo.
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