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Need Newbie Smoker help

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I have searched hi and low in local stores for a decent smoker everything seems to be too thin ? (ex: char broil etc)for what I call a long term investment

what I have found that will be local soon at Lowe's and within my budget is the
Royal Oak Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill

does anyone have any reviews on this particular grill or better suggestions ?

thanks in advance
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I bought this smoker at academy for 650. I love it there is a cheaper model but dosnt have the doors and all that stainless steel. They call it Oklahoma joes or somthing like that. My rig is called Longhorn deluxe. Holds it heat good.

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looks good for the price I went to the academy site the closest store to me is about 5 hrs away

I was also looking at the Horizon smoker @ bass pro shop but cant seem to justify the price difference between the Horizon and the Royal Oak unless I am that
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I saw one today at Wally World and looks to be a reasonbly well built unit and with some mods would be just fine I think for the price.
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For that kind of money I would go with WSM instead of the Royal Oak. I passed on th RO and am awaiting delivery of a Horizon unit.
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Thanks for all the help guys

I realized I put this in the wrong section ( newbie mistake )

I am looking into this grill

I found it browsing other threads here the price is good but I wonder if this will hold heat ?

thanks again
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Hell, if ya want to smoke with a 55 gallon drum build a uds. Cost very little to build and makes some fantastic Q.
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