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more kranskys

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g'day everybody thanks for your warm welcome .well my girlfriend was wining
that the kranskys i was making were to big (i thought thay like them like that lol) so i made her a batch of kransky in the small skins (collagen) i don't use these skins much .i love natural hog skins the best .but i am still a beginner to this .danMCG asked for the recipe .well mate i use a pre kransky mix that i by online .i am just learning. but i would love to make up my own mix that works. i have a question for you all. i have made my own mix .comes up great.then i put it in to skins and when i cook it. all the skins split in half ( but the pan aint that hot) do all fresh sausage need cure .i will give you example i grind the beef and pork add the chopped onion ,toms, basil .mix it well and leave it in the fridge for about 12 hours .next day i put them in natural or collagen casings . thay look awsome then i cook them and the skins split lol.
i would love some advice thanks. the kranskys i make are fine becouse i dry them in the oven .and when i do cook them thay are fine . thank you guys for your help .darren
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those look good Downunderdags! are they colored casings or did you smoke them?
I never really had a problem with splits so I can't offer much advise.
I'm not sure why your skins are splitting it might be the casing itself or maybe you're over stuffing or both.
Try starting with a little water in the pan at a slow boil, let the water boil away while the sausage cooks then finish as you normally would. Some sausage I'll poach in a pot of water at 180° till the internal temp of the sausage is 152° then cool and freeze. then warm and serve when I want some.
You don't want cure in a fresh sausage, but you don't want to slow smoke fresh sausage either.
I hope some of this helps, somebody should be along soon with some better advise.
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Good looking sausage. Nice job
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