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Restockin the fridge with CB

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Took a large loin and cut it in half. One half I cured with Sugar cure and molasses. The other half I cured with TQ and CBP, garlic and onion. I had to go out of town so they sat in the fridge for a little over 2 weeks so I soaked them and changed the water a couple of times before I seasoned them for the smoker. I used the same seasonings for both of them before they hit the smoker. CBP, onion and garlic powder, and lemon pepper. Put them in the MES with Sassafras and filled the water pan with cherry juice. I have found that I like to leave all the fat I can get on the CB.

Took them to 162 degrees. They are so tender and shweeeet!

My favorite is Eggs Benedict with my own CB.
Thanks for lookin!
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Sure looks good! I can only imagine how good that tasted.
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Very nice Pig!! I got a couple aging in the frig now. Looking at yours make me wish I didn't trim the fat off mine.
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It just doesn't get any better than that! It's just amazing how good homemade CB is.
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Good lookin' bacon pignit.
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Looks mmm mmm goood. I have plans of doing one of those up tommorrow for Easter dinner, just hope mine turns out as good as yours looks

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Thats some good looking pork slices there. Congratulations!
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I like the fat myself.Real beauties-doing my second batch next week.Thanks for Q-view.Hope RED likes.
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Yet another fine job, Dave. biggrin.gif
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I haven't introduced Red to the CB. She keeps me busy enough trying to keep her happy with the things she already knows about. She finds out I've been holdin out on the CB and she will beat me.... beat me bad!
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Mmmmm... good looking bacon Dave!
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