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Pastrami for Red!

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Most of you don't know my wife Red... but she gets really hateful when we don't have pastrami in the fridge. Turns out it's her favorite thing I make. She's hateful enough when things are goin good so I try to not aig it on by runnin out of strami.

I took two flats and a point and soaked them in water for about an hour. Dried them off really good and I seasoned the flats with Juniper Berry's, Corriander, mustard, black pepper, garlic and onion powder. I also used some lemon pepper. Here they are ready to hit the smoker. I took the point and rubbed it down with EVO, garlic and onion powder, lemon pepper, and some CBP.

Slammed these little darlins in the smoker with a thin blue trail of sassafrass smoke tricklin out the top. I put cherry juice in the water pan. Took the two flats to 180 degrees and pulled them. Took the point on up to 195. It wasn't fallin apart but it was close.

Thanks for checkin out my smoke! I hope Red likes em. Nobody is happy unless Red is happy!
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Great looking smoke! I think I married Red's sister. icon_lol.gif

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Man I hope not. I married the one they considered the sweet one!
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Well I don't see how Red could not be happy with something like that!
I hope she knows that she is one lucky woman...
Were you able to find juniper berries at a local store or did you have to order them? I can't get them anywhere around here and would love to add them to my next pastrami rub.
That strami looks so good...
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Thanks Man! It was excellent. I found the juniper berrys at my local grocery. The thing is, I've looked for them before and couldn't find them. I was lookin for something else and ran across them. They were there the whole time. Before, I used whole corriander seed and crushed them up. I like the juniper berrys a lot. Red says she likes em too!

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Does she use that sword to cut the pastrami?
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I think when she starts swinging it around it is his que to smoke pastrami or get smoked.
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Real nice pastrami... Just ate a braunshweiger and horseradish sammie, and now you got me hungry again!
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That looks really good,,,,,,
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Excellent job.I like juniper berries myself...and well everything you put on that pastrami.Do us a favor keep Red happy-it is nice having you around.icon_confused.gif
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Speaking of smoking, ole Red's smoking hot! Is the arm tat the family crest?
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nice smoke
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