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Good googly moogly!

Outstanding q-vue and running commentary Tas~! What a great feast you've had going today. Those ABT's look excellent and your PPB is picture perfect. Glad to hear the day has gone smoother than last week.

Thanks for the pic of the neighborhood, real nice. No worries on the leaves though, by the looks of the sky, you can wait a bit to finish raking!

Nice job on the fatties, too, by the way. With the PPB taking center stage cannot forget those guys! They're the supporting cast, and a mighty fine one at that.

Thanks a lot for the Hrudka recipe too, definitely gonna try that next weekend. My mouth is watering already for it.

Big time points to you points.gif
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i'll tell you what, guys, that was GOOOD stuff - either i am getting pretty dang good at this or it was a lot easier than i thought!

we had it sitting in foil and keeping hot wrapped in towels in a cooler for about 45 minutes - when i opened it, it pretty much fell apart, just like it's supposed to:

i tried to lift it out but it wasn't going to go without coming apart, so i just slid it into a pan with the juices from the foil:

this picturre doesn't really do the smoke ring justice - the ring was good and deep, the fat and connective tissue melted away with just a little goo left, plus the fat cap, which went to the happy happy dogs:

after a brief learning curve, we used two forks and our hands to shred/pull the meat, mixing in the barky meat with the stuff from deep in the middle. here's the final product:

some of it went on sandwiches, some of it went into pita pockets, and some was just eaten on the plate. we had some barbecuse sauce for my wife and youngest son, but the other two and i used rivet's carolina sauce and WOW it was good with this - the perfect compliment for this meat!

we served the ABTs with the supper and they were perfectly done - not a bit spicy with a good smoke tang and the savory cream cheese mixture. couldn't have asked for anything better. the bacon strips shrank onto the jalapenos that they were wrapped around, forming a good seal for the cream cheese inside.

i can't think of any negatives for this barbecue, with the exception of the overdone egg fatty. other than that, this went very, very well!
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Oh Yeah!!

Man o' man you sure have done well. What a good looking feast of a PPB you made, and you sure got it right too- mix in that bark with the meat for the extra special goodness!

Nothing better than a good pork bbq, is there? The best part about it is just as you said with no rules- sauce it, mix it, finish it, eat it, just the way you like it...whatever way is best for your taste buds. It's all good eating.

Real nice to hear you had a good barbecue Tas~, you are putting out some outstanding food. Congratulations for another feast well done!
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wow good stuff! Nice job!
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That all looks great. I'm sure once that fatty is in the quiche, the slight overcook won't matter at all.

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Great looking grub! You can see the smoke ring in the pic where its pulled. Looks great.

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thanks to all - this was quite an ambitious smoke for a newbie with an un-modified SnP. once i start getting those mods in there, i hope i can REALLY start churning out the goodies!
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I had to look at that pork again, man that looks perfect and good!!!!
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