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Easter Turkey

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We decided ta have a turkey fer Easter dinner, so got a 13 pounder injected an in the brine, used my slaughterhouse brine an injection. Gonna smoke tammarraw an will post some q-view then!
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Tis the season for hams. errr turkeys. Looking forward to the picts. Happy Easter
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Sounds good, Tip. We'll be looking forward to the Qview.
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Can't wait to see how it turns out. I absolutely LOVE smoked turkey, above anything else smoked turkey is my absolute favorite.
I know, butts, ribs, fatties are all so delicious but my first true love is smoked turkey.
Speaking of which, just heard a ding, my leg must be done.
Good luck! Happy Smoking Easter!
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Speakin of ham

Our Old Towne boneless ham, we can now call it "Award Winin"!

Our 1st place finish dish featurin our Old Towne boneless ham. Everthin there is scratch made!

This is our Old Towne bone in ham.

Our hams er slow cured an then slow smoked over maple wood.
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Congrats Tip!!!!

Looks fantastic...Great presentation!!!
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That looks perfect. points.gif
Good job outta you.
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Wow, Tip, they look like they belong in a magazine! biggrin.gif Congrats on the award.
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Beautiful Tip! Looking forward to seein' the turkey!
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Ready fer some smoke!

Ready fer some smoke!

Outa the brine, rinsed an a bit a smoke in the holler rub.

Netted an ready ta hang in some hickory smoke!
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Lookin' good! Gotta remember the netting for the whole do that for chix too?
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Ifin I'm doin several chickens I will net em. Got a nettin stuffin horn just fer the yardbirds.

Here be an update on them ham an turkey nets. DON"T buy the read plastic type ones, they won't hold the weight! Get the cotton ones, they will hold upta bout anythin. Dropped this bird in the water pan twice, gave up an put him on a rack. Gonna get more a the good bags fer sure!

The nettin horn.

Givin birth ta a netted yardbird!

Yardbirds all netted up.

The finished product. Gives a real nice old country appearence. Just what we was a lookin fer.
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The Finished Bird!

The Finished Bird!

Well after two escape attempts, here it is all finished up! Sure do smell good! Gonna carve after while, let it set an soak up it's juices. Will rewarm fer dinner tammarraw!
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Not sure where to start, hmmmmm how about


all of it, fantastic looking.
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Beautiful! Looks great Tip!
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The bird looks great Trav. so did the yardbirds. There aren't words for how good your ham looked.

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